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Infertility – Does It Only Impact Women?

Infertility – Does It Only Impact Women?

infertility-in women

Infertility – Does It Only Impact Women?

Infertility is a serious condition in which the patient fails to conceive after one year of having unprotected sex. It is recommended that women who are above 35 years of age and often experience irregular menstrual cycles should consult a doctor on being unable to conceive within six months.

Is infertility a common issue?

Infertility has become a  problem for new age women. Inactive or sitting lifestyle and stress are believed to hamper the fertility of women nowadays. According to a report, about 6 percent of women in the age group 15-44 years are infertile.


Infertility: It’s not just a woman’s problem

Infertility is not an issue with only women. Both men and women can be infertile or are liable for the condition. The procedure of reproduction requires mutual cooperation from both sexes. Therefore, they can together be responsible for infertility as well. It is wrong to hold responsible for the woman only. According to the National Survey of Family Growth data, it has been found that about 7.5 % of men in the age group of 18-45 years (who have has sexual exposure) go to infertility clinics at least once in their lifetime. Of these men, about 18% were affected by male-related infertility issues.

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Infertility in men: 

Men can be affected by infertility due to various factors. Infertility can be assessed by analysis of the semen. A doctor can evaluate the concentration of the semen or determine the sperm count, the motility of the sperm and its shape or morphology. These are important for fertility. A semen analysis can be restrained due to the following conditions:


  1. Varicoceles – The veins on the man’s testicles are unnaturally large and leads to overheating of the sperms
  2. Diseases like diabetes, cystic fibrosis, trauma, and infection.
  3. Unhealthy lifestyle
  4. Environmental toxins

Infertility in women: 

Women must have the proper working of the reproductive organs to become fertile. The fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus must be physically fit for getting pregnant. A woman may get infertile due to many reasons:

  1. Uneven periods that suggest the woman is not ovulating properly.
  2. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  3. Functional hypothalamic amenorrhea (FHA) or immoderate physical or emotional stress causing missed periods
  4. Diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) or incapability of the ovary to produce sufficient eggs
  5. Premature ovarian inadequate: The ovary stops functioning properly before 40 years of age
  6. Blocked, swollen or open fallopian tubes
  7. Menopause

In case you have any queries you can always consult a specialist sexologist & get answers to your questions. 

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