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HIV / AIDS treatment

ayurvedic HIV Treatment - Dr. Sharma

What is HIV?

HIV is a virus is known to damages the immune system. The immune system is the system which helps the body fight off infections. Untreated HIV infects and kills CD4 cell, and increase your viral load. Over time, as HIV kills more CD4 cells, and increase the viral load of the body is more likely to get various types of infections and even cancers.

HIV is transmitted through bodily fluids that include:

  • blood
  • semen
  • vaginal and rectal fluids
  • breast milk

The HIV virus doesn’t spread Through air or water, or through casual contact.

Without treatment of HIV virus the person is likely to develop a serious condition called AIDS. With the Ayurveda treatment the virus can be finished from the body and the CD4 count can be increased.

What is AIDS?

AIDS can develop in people with HIV.
It is the advance form of HIV.  It’s the most advanced stage of HIV. It is not necessary for people to have AIDS because they have HIV.

When HIV virus is taken care of they will never develop AIDS. Ayurveda have the power to stop the growth of HIV cells into your body and help you lead a normal life.

HIV is transmitted through the following things –

  • through vaginal or anal sex — the most common route of transmission, especially among men who have sex with men
  • by sharing needles, syringes, and other items for injection drug use
  • by sharing tattoo equipment without sterilizing it between uses
  • during pregnancy, labor, or delivery from a woman to her baby
  • during breastfeeding
  • through “pre-mastication,” or chewing a baby’s food before feeding it to them
  • getting in touch to the blood of someone living with HIV

The very rare chances of HIV to spread through:

  • oral sex – if there are bleeding gums or open sores in the person’s mouth
  • being bitten by a person with HIV
  • Getting in the contact between broken skin, wounds and the blood of someone living with HIV

HIV does NOT spread through:

  • skin-to-skin contact
  • hugging, shaking hands, or kissing
  • air or water
  • sharing food or drinks, including drinking fountains
  • saliva, tears, or sweat
  • sharing a toilet, towels, or bedding
  • mosquitoes or other insects

What are the symptoms of HIV?

Early symptoms of HIV can include:

  • fever
  • chills
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • general aches and pains
  • skin rash
  • sore throat
  • headache
  • nausea
  • upset stomach

After some time HIV enters the clinical latency stage. This stage can last from a few years to a few decades.

These nonspecific symptoms may include:

  • headaches and other aches and pains
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • recurrent fevers
  • night sweats
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • weight loss
  • skin rashes
  • recurrent oral or vaginal yeast infections
  • pneumonia
  • shingles

What are the symptoms of AIDS?

Symptoms of AIDS can include:

  • recurrent fever
  • chronic swollen lymph glands, especially of the armpits, neck, and groin
  • chronic fatigue
  • night sweats
  • You may notice some dark splotches under the skin or inside the mouth, nose, or eyelids
  • They maybe the sores, spots, or lesions of the mouth and tongue, genitals, or anus
  • bumps, lesions, or rashes of the skin
  • recurrent or chronic diarrhea
  • rapid weight loss
  • problems such as trouble concentrating, memory loss, and confusion
  • anxiety and depression

HIV prevention

Some precautions you can take to prevent HIV

  • Safer sex
  • It’s important they learn their status and that of their partner.
  • Get yourself tested for other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Use condoms
  • Limit their sexual partners
  • Avoid sharing needles or other drug paraphernalia

Dr. Sharma is well known for providing the ayurvedic HIV treatment and Hiv treatment drugs. The HIV medications are given with the ayurvedic medicines which do not have any side effect and will help patient to lower down the viral load and to increase the CD4 Count.