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Spermatorrhoea ayurvedic treatment

Spermatorrhoea ayurvedic treatment

spermatorrhoea ayurvedic treatment

Spermatorrhoea ayurvedic treatment

Spermatorrhoea means disorder in males where an individual automatically loss or release of semen without erection, orgasm or any sexual activity. There are two categories of the condition, first is known as Night Fall which happens at night and another type is called Wet Dream which happens because of a lascivious dream. The discharge of semen can happen from testes and prostate. There is a thin, watery, white sticky, and transparent discharge with urine.

Spermatorrhoea is due to pathological disorder if a person face the problem of loss of semen daily or more than three times in week . Then individual will face weakness in lower back and legs, lack of energy, laziness.  The main reasons that can cause Spermatorrhoea such as immoderate sexual activity, emotional imbalance like stress and depression, consumption of tobacco and alcohol, hormonal disorder, problems in liver, kidneys, heart, and spleen, constipation, indigestion, certain medications, fragile nervous system, abstinence, and sleeplessness. Spermatorrhea is also known male sexual dysfunction which can causes other medical issues or disorders such as orchitis,  neurosis, and spermatocystitis.

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Signs and Symptoms of Spermatorrhoea –

The signs and symptoms of Spermatorrhea and other related medical problems are mentioned below. One should consult the ayurvedic doctor immediately if he experiences these symptoms regularly as delay in the treatment can lead to other serious medical issues.

  • The most common sign of Spermatorrhoea is the automatically discharge of semen
  • Due to excessive discharge of semen individual should face weakness and loss of appetite, weight loss, depression etc.
  • Experiencing emotional stress, frustration, and lack of concentration.
  • Recurrent longing to urinate
  • Fatigue
  • The patient experiences dizziness as a result of weakness and fatigue
  • Itching and irritation around genital areas
  • Loss of semen in urine
  • Indigestion and Constipation can be a cause as well as a symptom of Spermatorrhea
  • Back Pain
  • Unusual speedy heart rate
  • Flaccid or flabby penis

Recommendations and Treatment of Spermatorrhoea  –

There are several herbal and ayurvedic treatments available for the treatment of Spermatorrhoea. But one should consult the doctor before consuming any medication or treatment as this problem can be a result of other medical problem. Ayurvedic treatments available for Spermatorrhoea contains spermatorrhea tablets and oils,   a change in the lifestyle and habits of an individual can also help in the treatment of the problem. Dr Sharma Sexologist Clinic gives the best medicine for spermatorrhea and there is no side effect of the medicines and also giving sex counseling.

  • Elimination of alcohol consumption
  • Elimination of tobacco consumption
  • Reducing the indulgence in excessive sexual activity
  • Consumption of a healthy and balanced diet
  • Increase the intake of liquid

Dr. Sharma provide the best spermatorrhoea ayurvedic treatment with the ayurvedic medicines which do not have any side effect. We provide you sex counselling with the expert dr. Sharma who is well known sexologist in Amritsar and all over India.

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