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Sign, Symptoms, Natural Treatment of Loss of Libido in Men and Women

Sign, Symptoms, Natural Treatment of Loss of Libido in Men and Women


What is Loss of Libido?

Loss of Sex drive often known as lack of libido is a medical situation that might be an indication of decreased hormone ranges. There isn’t any period as ‘normal libido’ since everybody’s intercourse drive is completely different. However, if the situation impacts your relationships, health, and well-being, it’s higher to take medical assist. Lifestyle modifications and medicines will help an individual to beat this difficulty. This drawback can affect each sex at any level of their life. It is usually associated with stress, tiredness, work, hormones, despair or different private points. Both psychological, in addition to bodily components, could be attributed to the decreased curiosity in sexual exercise. It’s higher to speak about it when a lack of libido begins affecting the connection you have got together with your associate.

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What is the reason for Loss of Libido?

As per Dr. Sharma there are many causes for lack of libido resembling –

Loss of sexual attraction – Relationship issues can result in conflicts that can trigger a lack of sexual attraction between {couples} and it’s seen that in some unspecified time in the future they lose curiosity in one another.

Poor communication – Sometimes, there is no such thing as communication between companions attributable to which they discover it tough to believe one another. Due to this, they don’t feel snug sharing their issues.

Sexual issues – Certain bodily sexual issues resembling erectile dysfunction, impotence, painful intercourse, vaginal dryness can result in a lack of libido.

Stress and nervousness – These are among the major causes of this difficulty. An individual who has nervousness points feels fatigued and drained regularly.

Medications: Some medications and dietary supplements additionally trigger a lack of libido as a facet impact since they have the power to decrease down the extent of intercourse hormones. Medicines prescribed for blood strain are a type of medicine.

Apart from these, an unhealthy lifestyle, incapability to orgasm, vaginismus, despair, menopause, being pregnant, breastfeeding, health issues like most cancers, thyroid, diabetes, cardiac points, alcohol, and many others a

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What are the signs of Loss of Libido?

Symptoms of lack of libido in women and men are unhealthy life-style, ejaculation drawback, painful intercourse, incapability to orgasm, vaginal dryness, vaginismus, despair, menopause, being pregnant, breastfeeding, health issues like most cancers, thyroid, diabetes, cardiac points, alcohol, and medicines are another causes for low libido. Apart from that, there are specific medicines that additionally result in a lack of libido embody – antidepressant medicine, hypertension, enlarged prostate, contraception, and seizures.

What is the therapy of Loss of Libido?

It relies upon the reason for lack of libido, its attainable therapy recommended by Dr. Sharma

Healthy life-style selections – Following a wholesome life-style is essential to beat this difficulty.

Improve your weight loss program – Eating healthy food and a weight loss program wealthy in vitamins in addition to nutritional vitamins additionally helps in treating decreased libido.

Regular bodily exercise – Doing common exercise and train is understood for enhancing libido in individuals.

Meditation – Meditation performs an essential function because it manages stress, nervousness, and despair.

Therapy – There are many remedies out there, that are instructed by the physician on scientific circumstances resembling Testosterone alternative remedy.

Counseling – Counsellors will help sufferers affected by decrease libido particularly whether it is precipitated attributable to psychological points by precisely understanding the explanation behind it.

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How are you able to improve your libido?

Libido could be elevated by following this stuff and naturally improve Libido stated by Dr. Sharma

Staying wholesome and match – It is essential to remain a match for the well-being of an individual. Workouts resembling cardiovascular workout routines are useful on the subject of the development of health and libido. Exercises resembling working and swimming additionally assist to spice up libido in individuals

Eating fruits – Foods like bananas, figs, avocados, onions, garlic and consuming pure spices like chilies and peppers helps in rising libido by balancing the hormonal ranges.

Eating meals – Intake of omega-three fatty acids, salmon, olive oil, and tuna, vitamin B1 wealthy meals resembling peanuts solves the problem of decreased libido.

No to unhealthy habits – Habits, like consuming alcohol, smoking and consuming tobacco in any kind, must be averted as they influence the sexual curiosity of an individual.

Stress-free – It is obligatory to maintain your self free from stress to overcome the lack of  libido. Exercise and meditation are some of the simplest ways of being stress and anxiety-free.

Ayurvedic Treatment – Dr Sharma recommended the Ayurvedic treatment for loss of Libido for men and women which have very effective results and there is no side effects of medicines.


Which meals kill testosterone?

There are sure meals and substances which must be averted because it kills testosterone in males. Following are the meals objects, consumption of which can result in decreased libido:


Avoid low carbohydrate meal – One should all the time attempt to preserve steadiness within the meal or weight loss program. When it involves testosterone, an individual wants a top quality of carbs weight loss program, together with wholesome fat as each of them gives a lift testosterone ranges in males.

High protein weight loss program – Protein-rich weight loss program helps in constructing energy, muscle mass and besides, improves testosterone ranges which in the end will increase libido.

Alcohol – Consumption of alcohol must be restricted for anybody affected by the problem of decreased libido. Alcohol consumption impacts the inner organs of the human system in some ways and kills testosterone manufacturing. It additionally results in weight achieve and organ damages as effectively.

Beverages – Consumption of drinks containing sugar additionally results in a lack of testosterone in individuals. Thus, it’s higher to keep away from such drinks.

Contaminated meals – Foods resembling meat, eggs, poultry, milk, and dairy merchandise improve estrogen ranges within the physique, which might trigger a lack of testosterone stage.

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How can I naturally improve my libido?

Libido could be elevated by the next few issues embody

  1. Eating fruits – Fruits like figs, avocados, bananas are thought of as a libido booster. These meals present all the mandatory minerals and nutritional vitamins, which improve blood circulation in genitals and results in wholesome sex life.
  2. Chocolate– It isn’t identified just for good style, chocolate is often known as the specified image. It promotes the discharge of some chemical substances that are chargeable for mood-lifting.
  3. Garlic – It incorporates a excessive quantity of allicin which will increase blood circulation within the physique. Garlic additionally helps in managing sexual issues like erectile dysfunction. Basil may also be utilized in meals together with garlic since basil can also be identified to stimulate the senses.
  4. Meditation – Meditation lets you handle stress and nervousness, which is essential for wholesome intercourse life. Apart from that, one may take part in sports activities actions or do the common train.
  5. Get sufficient sleep– An excellent high-quality sleep additionally impacts the libido of an individual. Always being busy with work and duties additionally makes time for intercourse tough. It’s all the time been higher to get sufficient sleep which may have an effect on the intercourse drive of a person in an optimistic method.
  6. Maintain a wholesome weight– Obesity and being chubby are also among the many causes of low libido because the weight of a person impacts the hormonal ranges. So, it’s obligatory to keep up wholesome physique weight to beat the lack of libido.


However, when this condition turns into an ongoing one that happens every time one feels not  interested in intercourse or is sexually aroused, then the person should not hesitate anymore in seeking a consultation with a doctor. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert sexologist & get answers to your questions!

There are many persons asked the questions that who is the best sexologist in Amritsar or the sexologist near me from which we can consult sex therapy counseling. 

We frequently answered that the doctor who give you the best solution to your query and satisfied you in sex counseling and also you satisfied that is the best sexologist in India, it does not matter where he or she is practicing.

Dr. Sharma is the best Ayurvedic doctor in Amritsar and all over India because it proved by the review of many patients who have taken sex power Ayurvedic medicines which has Osum results and there is no side effect of Ayurvedic medicines. 

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